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  • The Resurrection
    By Bp. Augustine Thomas John 20.1-10 Hope is the most powerful force known within Man. Ravi Zacharias proclaimed, “Outside of the cross of Jesus Christ, there is no hope in this world. That cross and resurrection at the core of the Gospel is the only hope for humanity.” This is spot on. The work of Christ on the Cross and in the Resurrection is the only true hope for mankind. Apart from those critical events, not only humanity, but all of creation existed in futility, an endless cycle of pointless death and hopelessness. However, in the Cross and Resurrection of … Continue reading The Resurrection
  • Anointed?
    By Bp. Augustine Thomas On television and in books we are constantly bombarded by people regaling us with fantastic stories about their anointing and how God is using them. They also try and convince people that they, too, can experience that same anointing and become powerful ministers of God, often with unspoken promises of fame and the fortune that comes with it. Does the Bible support the idea of such a man or woman of God who must be the center of attention and monetary devotion? Apparently not. Let’s look closer to what the Bible does say. First, all Christians … Continue reading Anointed?
  • The Problem with Prosperity
    by Augustine Thomas, OSB Everyone seems to want to get rich. There are preachers out there that will tell you God wants you to be rich.  If you are God’s child then you are to be blessed with the blessings of Abraham, which is material wealth, they say. They will tell you that God blesses those who have faith in him with material prosperity. But is this the case and is this good for you? Greed is one of the Cardinal Sins. It is also known as avarice, cupidity, and covetousness. St. Thomas Aquinas pointed out the reason it is a sin … Continue reading The Problem with Prosperity
  • Praying the Prayers of the Church
    By Dr. Augustine Thomas, OSB We all know we need to pray to God. Jesus even said at least an hour is required in order to avoid temptation. How do you pray for an hour? Wouldn’t you run out of things to say? Have you ever not known what to pray? Have you ever found yourself praying the same things over and over, each time you pray? Have you ever felt dry or like you are not really getting anything out of prayer? Do you feel all alone when you pray? These, and more, are common problems faced by those … Continue reading Praying the Prayers of the Church
  • Baptism of Micah: a short homily about the primacy of grace in Infant Baptism
    The following was a short homily for the baptism of my son, Micah Looi. It has been edited for easier reading purpose.          On the 15th January morning, my wife was in labor for 29 hours to give birth to our baby boy, Micah Looi. On the twentieth hour, the water broke during the labor. We waited another 8 hours for the cervical to fully open, but Micah was showing stress in the womb. His heart rate was irregular. I could see from the face of my doctor that it was not a good sign. Everyone in the labor room rushed … Continue reading Baptism of Micah: a short homily about the primacy of grace in Infant Baptism

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