Living With Jesus

  • Living With Jesus: Week 7, Jesus is Lord
    Jesus is Lord Jesus is Lord and in order to be truly saved He must be Lord over your life. The call to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior is absolute. But Jesus is not being mean or a bully. It is all about love. God is love and love makes us truly human. We are only truly human when we truly love and are truly loved. Jesus said: “If you love me you will obey me” (John 14.23).The test of our love for Jesus is whether we will commit fully to him and love him above anything else.  Loving … Read more
  • Living With Jesus: Week 6, God the Son
    God the Son There are always people who march to a different drum. If you tell them something is white, they will say it is black. If you tell them not to play in the street, they will play in the street and get run over by a passing automobile. Do you know anyone like that? Some people in the early Church went the opposite way of the Truth, even though they knew the Truth. They taught heresies in the early days of the Church. Heresies are beliefs that are not the truth. One group taught that Jesus was only … Read more
  • Living with Jesus: Week 5, God the Father
    God the Father “If I speak of him as Father, I speak of all things as being from him.” (Theophilus, ca. 180; A.2.90) The Nicene Creed, the statement of the true Christian Faith, next goes on to say, “I believe in…the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth and of all things visible and invisible.”   When we look around us, we see families. In a normal family, there is a father, mother, and child. The father loves the mother and the child. The mother loves the father and the child. The child loves the father and the mother. Thus, in … Read more
  • Living With Jesus: Week 4, God is Holy and Sovereign
    God is Holy Yesterday, we started getting acquainted with God and we found out he is not really like us. In fact, we possess none of the attributes God has that we talked about and it is a little hard for us to relate to them, though we can rejoice in them. God has other attributes that we can experience directly. Today we are going to learn about these attributes of God’s that we can relate to and experience.  First, God is holy. This may be the least talked about attribute of God, today. However, this attribute is spoken of … Read more
  • Living With Jesus: Week 3, What is God Like?
    A little girl asked her father, one day, “Daddy, what is God like?” The question caused the girl’s father to stop and ponder, “How do I know what God is like?” There are two ways to decide this issue. First, we can imagine what God is like in our minds. The problem with this is that we can only imagine something we have seen, or something that is like us, in some manner. The second way is to read what God has to say about himself. This is an autobiography. The Bible is the autobiography of God. God caused a … Read more

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