Living With Jesus

  • Living With Jesus: Week 3
    A little girl asked her father, one day, “Daddy, what is God like?” The question caused the girl’s father to stop and ponder, “How do I know what God is like?” There are two ways to decide this issue. First, we can imagine what God is like in our minds. The problem with this is that we can only imagine something we have seen, or something that is like us, in some manner. The second way is to read what God has to say about himself. This is an autobiography. The Bible is the autobiography of God. God caused a … Read more
  • Living With Jesus: Week 2
    In the early days of the Church there arose a heresy that the early Church was united is saying was started by Simon the Sorcerer. You can find his story in Acts 8.9-24. He was very worldly minded and wanted riches and power so people would look up to him. Since he did not get what he wanted, he started a competing religion that sounded a lot like Christianity. It almost destroyed the Church and the battle raged for over 400 years, off and on. This religion was called Gnosticism, and it is still around, today.  Gnosticism taught that there … Read more
  • Living For Jesus: Week 1
    by Dr. Augustine Thomas “Living for Jesus a life that is true, Striving to please Him in all that I do”. So go the words of a famous song. You are taking an exciting journey. You are going to be living with Jesus the rest of your life and where he leads you will be a great adventure. One of the first things you need to do is learn to read your Bible. This is not hard as it is laid out like similarly to any other book. In fact, other books got their formats from the Bible. You may … Read more

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